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GPS can design and fabricate TEG dehydration systems over a wide range of flows, pressures, temperatures and CO2 content. Our designs are based on either HYSYS or ProMax software, depending on the specific application. GPS is capable of optimising designs to ensure that any constraints of height are met and to limit the amount of gaseous emissions.

In developing the design, GPS ensures that the packing height, circulation rate and TEG purity are optimum for the design performance. In addition we ensure that the design is flexible enough to operate in 'off design conditions'. The package layout is important to the operation of the unit and this is studied during the design stage to ensure allocated space is sufficient, particularly for offshore installations.

GPS selects the materials for the main vessels based on the feed gas composition, and these can include clad and coated vessels where necessary. GPS is able to specify all the equipment required to ensure reliable operation of the TEG unit.